How to Use Facebook to Land a Job

2193213362_b5d556491eIt isn’t just the volume of users that makes Facebook an attractive source of hiring and research – it’s also the fact that 70 percent of Facebook users engage daily, versus only 13 percent of LinkedIn users, according to a 2015 Pew Research study. While many job seekers consider LinkedIn to be the professional network and place to be, it isn’t the only social network recruiters will look at. According to Jobvite’s 2014 Social Recruiting Survey, 66 percent of recruiters reported using Facebook to recrtuit.

Conduct an audit. Head over to Google or your favorite search engine and search for your name. Take note of what appears on the first page of search results. Chances are, you will see a listing that says “[Your name] Profiles | Facebook.” Click on this link, and you will see the Facebook profiles of people with your name.

Next, look at your status updates. Do your posts have a globe next to the date? If so, your update is public, which means anyone and everyone can see your update and comments others have added. If

Does an Interview Scare You?

DoesanInterviewScareYouDo not let the interview send you into shock. Follow these tips to help calm your fears.

Your heart is beating faster than usual, your hands feel clammy, your mouth is so dry it feels like you have cotton inside — and you’re supposed to feel confident. Are you going to an interview or a torture session? The answer is –”it’s all in your perspective.”

Ideally you would sit poised thumbing through a magazine, feeling relaxed as you wait your turn to have a conversation with the interviewer for the company. Think about it — what do you have to lose here? What’s the worst thing that can happen? What if you don’t get this job — is the world going to stop turning? I realize of course, that bills must be paid, but you are taking the wrong approach if you are going to come across as desperate — “Please, please, hire me.” Interviewers smell fear.

A change in thinking

The first, and most important step is to change the way that you view the

Going to a Job Fair? Here Are Some Tips

GoingtoanInsuranceJobFairHereAreSomeTipsThere is lots of competition at a job fair. Be should to put on your best performance to increase your odds.

There is more competition in the job market than there was a few years ago, so it pays to get out there. Attending a job fair beats sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring. If nothing else, it’s a place to schmooze and find out what’s happening. Your approach to the fair may make a huge difference in whether you achieve satisfactory results.

Joe received his layoff notice on a Friday. After a week at home, he knew he had to get out and make some contacts. He found and landed his last job at a job fair, and soon discovered on the Internet there was a tech fair in his area the following week.

Armed with several copies of his resume, Joe set out with an air of confidence. His confidence got a blow when he arrived at the site and saw the long line of people waiting to get in. This was

Getting the Money That You Need Fast

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There are so many things that you can get and learn from the site. For the beginning, you will be able to learn the tips and tricks that you can easily do to get the loan that you need. Those tips and tricks can be considered as one of the most helpful ones that you can get, especially if you want to get the loan as fast as you can. By following the tips and tricks, you can surely get the loan as fast as you want. Besides the simple tips and tricks, you can also learn how to find the best loan options when you have the

Want to Work in IT? You should read this!

When we get a job based on our passion, how do you feel? Of course, we will feel so happy right? There are not always all people to be so that lucky to get the job based on the passion that they have. That’s why when you can get a job based on your own passion, you need to be so that happy and make sure that you work well. You need to show the best dedication for the place where you are working from.There are many kinds of jobs offered anyway and you need to find out which one of the jobs based on your passion. If you are such a person who have the passion in technology, maybe working as IT programmer can be such a good option to choose. You can have such a perfect job when you can be a great programmer. Then, you can also become the cyber security workers too. Do you think that this kind of job is so nice to do? If you are interested to work in cyber security, first, you need to get the certificate. The certificate here is very easily founded in ITProTV. Are you

MyBrink: Graduate Recruitment with a Difference

Graduate jobs don’t come easy. It takes the right kind of content and marketing – the kind that stands out from the crowd – to make it happen. MyBrink brings you all the tools you need to create an attractive a customized pitch to potential recruiters. MyBrink is, quite simply, your one stop shop for graduate recruitment in the UK. It is a talent market place that attracts some of the best talent in the country.

What Makes Us Different?

Long story short, we provide all the facilities required for you to cinch the deal with recruiters of your interest. This includes a well-maintained and frequently updated jobboard, the technological support to upload material that will pique the interest of recruiters, including videos, the opportunity and space to display your work. What’s more, you’ll even get your own profile page which will allow you to display your work to companies and recruiters. Apart from the above, there is also the facility to follow companies and apply to jobs of your preference. In this manner, the whole host of recruitment related services is available to you.

Get Noticed: The Person behind the CV

MyBrink provides

Want to Have the Company in Singapore? Here is the Solution!

Do you have the dream of living in Singapore? Do you think that living in Singapore is one of the big dream to be achieved? Well, I believe that many people have the dream of living in a big city or in the big country. If you can live in Singapore, it means that you should prepare your life well since living in Singapore is not as simple or not as easy as we live in our hometown. Singapore is known with the high cost for the living. If you live in Singapore, it means that you should prepare yourself for having the good living also.

In order to survive living in Singapore, we should be able to get the good job there. What is your job in Singapore? Well, I believe that you can get the good job for earning money and also get the good quality of living for living in this big city. Besides, you also need to make sure that you can prepare for handling your financial in this place. If you cannot handle your financial, you will not be able to have the good living in this place.

Well, if you

Running out of Money for Your Children’s School Fees? Don’t Worry!

When at the same time your children need to pay the school fees and it requires a high number of money, what will you do? Well, when facing this kind of condition you need to keep calm. You need to think on how to get the money for completing the urgent needs for your children education. You do not need to be worried about it since you can try to get the money cash loans. It is the right way to get the money loans for completing the needs in the urgent time and for the urgent needs also. The money cash loans that have the poor credit score maybe such a great idea to choose.

In this modern era, the needs of everyone will always increase. The more years that we have and the more condition that we should face, it means that we have the more needs that we should complete. Do you think that completing the needs for your daily life is easy? If you have such a good job, maybe you will not have a difficulty to complete how to manage in completing all of your needs. You have the good

Professional SEO Content Writer

An SEO or Search Engine Optimization considers how search engines work, what usually people search in the web, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content, HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. SEO is a technique which helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query. SEO thus helps you get traffic from search engines.


Some points for professional excellence in SEO Content Wrting.

  • Get the keyword research on

Find out which keywords and phrases people are searching for (as well as what you can be competitive in).

  • Put the keywords to work.

You need to put the primary keyword in the title of the blog/article. By doing this, the keywords stand out to the search engine crawlers, as well as the eyes of the readers. Remember, the people using search engines are searching for that

MSM Group- Hire and Save Your Time!

When it comes to giving a good start to your business, staffing agencies emerge to be the best option because they are connected with numerous companies that are always looking for candidates to satisfy their growing business needs. These agencies are beneficial for both employers and job seekers where, the two parties have to contact any of the agencies, let them know about their requirements and wait until they call them back. For employers, the recruitment agencies are time savers that enable companies to focus on other matters of their business. Their experts are efficient enough that they can easily handle the screening procedure and give the most qualified pool of possible employees to their respective clients.


Since Canada is a big country, it is quite difficult for employers to screen every applicant and shortlist a suitable pool. Normally, every candidate specializes in certain areas or possesses skills that are useful for the company. In this situation, their decision making become harder as they have many options to go with. MSM Group has solved this issue by offering satisfactory recruitment services that enable employers to make the most of

Find Online Jobs to Make Money

Find Online Jobs- If you are able to search and find online jobs you can make this dream a reality. You can be your own boss and work on your own schedule. Not everybody succeeds at this dream to make the money online. This is partly because of the thousands of scams online that promise to make you a lot of money very quickly. In most cases, if it sounds too good to be true that is because it is.

The More the website, start Online Jobs can provide you with information on where to find a lot of online jobs that aren’t scams. Some online jobs ports are providing of the work in IT(Software Development), Sales and marketing,Digital Marketing, Finance and BPO jobs in private sectors that will actually make you money are many others. If you have a special talent or a certified special skill you can even easy make money has a part time and full time. You can find online jobs almost everywhere you look on the jobs portals, you just have to be able to recognize them. Keep in mind that online jobs will not make you a millionaire overnight but with solid and hard work,

Your Lottery Syndicate Win the Right Now

Want to get a great chance of winning the lottery? You can join Smart Winners. Each lottery ticket that you buy has a chance of victory, but by joining the Smart Winners, in every purchase of a lottery ticket you’ll get 100 to 1,000 chance of victory. It also depends on how many people join your lottery syndicate. If you buy a lot of members of the syndicate ticket, the chances of each player to win will be even greater. Where else you going to get the opportunity for this lottery win?

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How To Go About Searching For Best Building Surveyor Or Structural Engineering Jobs

Equipped with the right qualifications, graduates can make a strong case for their careers if they take the right steps towards availing job opportunities. Engineering graduates have to be a bit careful in selecting the right jobs for themselves, because of the tough employment market scenario. Many students in engineering are from civil engineering background, which is not only a diverse field, but an emerging arena where diversified jobs can be available. To become a structural engineer or building surveyor, after their graduations, people will have to check upon the market and make their moves conducive for their future.

  • Being eligible for the jobs with qualifications and experience

To land up with the best in the market scenario of civil engineering jobs UK, graduates will have to check for their eligibility and if it coincides with the requirements of the job profile. This will ensure that they are having competitive opening in the market. This is the first step towards applying for building surveying jobs, where the pass out students can start their careers in the most feasible manner. If they are well aware of the eligibility conditions in different types of civil engineering jobs UK, it would be easier for them

Hardships That Are Faced When Recruiting Security Engineer Or Electrical Design Jobs

Looking out for suitable candidates for various job positions by the recruiting firms is not an easy task to perform. Candidates are to be screened properly and then their resumes are sent across to the companies for further evaluations and processes as may be deemed necessary. This is a time consuming process, with the recruiting consultants having a tough time in getting in touch with the candidates, whose resume is present with them. For jobs, which are found in plenty, there is not much of an issue in finalising a few candidates, but for more technical jobs like security engineer jobs, the executive firms have to be highly considerate for certain features that will make the hiring process proper.

  • Difficulty selecting the best resumes – Selecting resumes is primarily not quite easy when looking out for electrical design jobs. There are not many candidates, with qualifications for justifying the electrical design jobs. Many resumes can be found with suitable qualifications in common job types as in engineering and computer science. But, for security engineer jobs, few candidates will fit the bill so that it becomes difficult for recruiting firms to keep track of the resumes with the given qualifications. Whenever there

Respected Jobs With Low Salary, You Will Be Shocked

1. Head chef

Job description: this task actually covers a variety and a whole range of cooking, from celebrity chef-owners of restaurants to lead chefs at somebody else’s restaurant and the most senior chef at a chain restaurant. But despite the long hours, late nights, and lack of holidays off – and their glamorous portrayal in the media – it’s only the first group who make the big bucks. Average annual earnings: $38,297

Educational requirements: None required, though it’s increasingly common for chefs to attend culinary school.

2. Post-doctoral fellow

Job description: Works with scientists to conduct research in the area of their expertise in order to develop skills and publish before pursuing a job as a full researcher or professor. Average annual earnings: Varies by type and funder, but at entry, the NIH offers a $45,000 stipend.

Educational requirements: A Ph. D is required.

3. Graphic designer

Job description: It including mainly Designing and executing visual materials, whether is it by hand or using software, for logos, advertising material, and more. Average annual earnings: $48,345

Educational requirements: Usually a bachelor’s in graphic design is expected.

4. Zoologists and marine/wildlife biologists

Job description: These biologists are requires just to learn, know more and study the behavior and characteristics of wild

How Does Employment Lawyers hHelp Empoyee

Employment lawyers are those people who try to resolve legal issues of employee of the company. They are experts in handling employment lawsuits which are focused on wrongful dismissal, human right issues, discrimination, sexual harassment, constructive dismissal. They also take issue related to severance pay and severance packages and many more legal issues related to employer. With specialized knowledge they resolve all these issues by standing next to the employees. They assist clients with most complex legal and other issues.

Employment lawyers try to prevent discrimination based on sex, caste, religion or creed they also prevent sexual harassment at workplace. They also prevent discrimination based on country of origin, physical disability and age of the employers. Discrimination like bias in hiring a person, promotion of an employee, job assignment, employees termination, compensation, salary hikes, and other types of harassment.

Employment lawyers help the employee in the following way

Wage and Working Hours: The employer should pay the employee on right time. Employer should follow some standards like minimum wage, overtime pay, and other family benefits. If an employer fails to do all these jobs to satisfy employee then the employee can take legal action against such employee. Employment lawyers help

How to Recover Corrupted Tally Accounting Data Tips and Tricks

We’ve to 1st see why information possesses corrupted the ways in which to recover depends on reason it got corrupted. Therefore 1st of all let’s see completely different reasons which may cause information corruption.

Why information gets corrupted?

  • While performing on tally power explodes and UPS is unable to relinquish you backup. Next time you’d open tally the corporate within which you were operating would get corrupted.
  • The pc on that you re operating aren’t operative and OS isn’t operating properly. Someone formatted it!!
  • You have taken such a lot of backups by repeating the tally folder in such a lot of placed that you simply forgot that was to original one.
  • You have taken a backup and once you try and restore it your information is washed out.


Solutions to those issues want wisdom instead of tally experience. Let’s perceive some feature and dealing of tally.

First Case:

If you receive a slip-up kind of like higher than then there ar terribly sturdy probabilities of sick your information losing solely previous couple of group action entries. For recovery from such things Tally provides AN easy company editing choice that checks information files for

Better Opportunity of Doing Well At Your Interview

Inquiry can either be the minimum or the most vital inquiry in your meeting. It just depends who poses the question … and how you answer it. Resume writing service Indianapolis is a standard inquiry by hr at times in light of the fact that it’s on their standard rundown of channel inquiries. While applicants think this is a question for HR reps to ask in light of the fact that they more often than not have no idea what the employing supervisor is truly searching for HR reps do search for particular sorts of answers. Understanding the HR reps part in the employing procedure serves to shape a compelling answer and build your possibilities of meeting achievement

The hiring managers often looks for dissimilar answers to the same question or have need of deeper preparation to give the applicant a good opportunity at achievement. The hiring manager is looking to increase chances of hiring success and for solutions to their principal issues. Throughout today’s profession exhortation, resume writing service Indianapolis take a gander at a few approaches to answer this inquiry viably, and a few ways most applicants blow it.


Before you

Recruitment Services A Secret to Find The Right Job

Recruitment services are of great advantage to your business. Companies hiring recruitment services are getting great employees without spending too much money. Recruitment service provides quality based employees to the companies. They nourish the skills and search for the best talent for the hiring companies. Hiring an in – house recruiter is very expensive and highly responsible work. Generally one person cannot be a recruiter, so the company will have to hire a team of recruiters and then their expenses, salaries and sometimes it disturbs the core business of the company.

Recruiter agencies make the task easier for the companies. They use many comprehensive techniques where the candidates have to go through many rounds to test their skills in every way possible. “Survival of the fittest” is the right term that is used by the recruitment agency. Many a times it happens that job applicants makes a very attractive resume but the actual reality is different. These recruitment service providers goes through each and every minute details of a candidates background and also test the knowledge of the candidates accordingly. Some recruitment services specialize in various domains like accounts recruiting, IT recruiting, customer service recruiting, human resource recruiting and many others.

Crafting a Winning Resume Helping You Grab a Preferred Job in Just 8 Simple Steps

In today’s tightly competitiveness of unemployment, it is increasingly becoming a Herculean task for job seekers to find a good lucrative job and make a good living. Even then, what best can be done at your end is to have a resume that boasts of all appealing features in a way the employer will be impressed and offer you the job easily and without making any consideration. In this blog content, you will find at least 8 resume writing tips revealing how to create a resume that can surely grip your employer’s attention and stimulate him/her to offer you the job position you have applied for.

  1. Firstly, inventory your overall qualifications and skills in a way that highlights the nitty-gritty in a well-defined way. Many individuals strictly have no knowledge about this yet most resumes are read upon by what is served to as a watchman. However before submitting the resume, ensure you have included effective keywords or phrases that can surely catch the attention of the reader. To ensure you get best results, always use words or phrases in accordance of the type of the job you are applying for.
  2. While listing

How to Use Your Education to Set Yourself Apart During Interviews

When it comes to interviewing for jobs in investment banking, there are many young graduates who are looking for a position, or simply a ‘foot in the door’. However, in a highly competitive industry, it can be tough to set yourself apart from the many other graduates who have the same degree, the same experience and the same education that you do.

There will come a time when an interviewer or potential employer will ask you about your tertiary education, why you chose that specific institution and what you learnt from your duration on the campus. The last thing that any professional wants to hear is a graduate who repeats what was once learnt in a textbook. Conveying the value of your education is a skill and can often take some time to master, especially when you are competing against peers who might have studied at, and graduated from, the same institution. If you want to set yourself apart, it is imperative that you learn how to describe the value of your education. Here is how you do it:

Define the reasons for choosing your respective tertiary institution

Banking careers do not only require candidates to have a sought-after degree, but also require

Top 3 Platforms to find Best Oil field Career Opportunities

According to the report published by forbes, the biggest obstacle in career of oil and gas people is the right platform from where they can learn and find best career opportunities. There are several oil and gas journals,forums and platforms that provide news, research papers, listings and other information in oil and gas but the need for one wholesome platform that acquires tacit and explicit oil & gas knowledge available in the Industry,organizes it, facilitates sharing, reviewing and provides knowledge packages that are ready to use to solve day-to-day operational or functional issues faced by oil & gas professionals or enterprises.

# first platform: Job websites

There are several websites that provide oil and gas jobs and it can be considered first platform for finding best oil and career jobs. However, the jobs are as listed as the other areas have, what if the user wants to figure out more about the other jobs offered by the company and if he or she has question to ask about his or her career, calculation about his eligibility, his expectations, understanding company requirement etc. A direct communication with an oil and gas company is difficult on these websites because these campaigns are created by

Define The Job Role of Department Head

Using management and leadership expertise, department heads motivate and guide workers within a section. They may coordinate the work tasks and hire new workers, among other responsibilities. Working with executives and managers, they ensure organizational success and establish the yearly financial targets of the division. These workers are needed in virtually every industry and typically must possess work experience and an advanced education.

Big responsibilities

You may manage and create policies and procedures, also, to organizing the work in your unit. You can also establish mandatory targets and make sure that all workers work to fulfil these goals. As an example, inside a retail establishment, a department head need to ensure that workers in a certain area are achieving sales goals; they also must execute strategies to improve overall revenue within the section. On the other hand, a department head in an educational institution may evaluate teaching professionals and monitor curriculum development to ensure that pupils are receiving the most effective learning experience.

Administrative experts

The organizational skills as well as capability to successfully lead the workers are essential for the head of the division. In this position, you must have exhibited extensive time