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How to Recover Corrupted Tally Accounting Data Tips and Tricks

We’ve to 1st see why information possesses corrupted the ways in which to recover depends on reason it got corrupted. Therefore 1st of all let’s see completely different reasons which may cause information corruption.

Why information gets corrupted?

  • While performing on tally power explodes and UPS is unable to relinquish you backup. Next time you’d open tally the corporate within which you were operating would get corrupted.
  • The pc on that you re operating aren’t operative and OS isn’t operating properly. Someone formatted it!!
  • You have taken such a lot of backups by repeating the tally folder in such a lot of placed that you simply forgot that was to original one.
  • You have taken a backup and once you try and restore it your information is washed out.


Solutions to those issues want wisdom instead of tally experience. Let’s perceive some feature and dealing of tally.

First Case:

If you receive a slip-up kind of like higher than then there ar terribly sturdy probabilities of sick your information losing solely previous couple of group action entries. For recovery from such things Tally provides AN easy company editing choice that checks information files for valid entries and recreates the corporate profile with all the valid information it will recover. To use merely follow the directions below, it’s forever higher to create a backup of your Tally information folder before trying any recovery process:

  • Start Tally and goto Company choice Screen.
  • Now use Ctrl + angular position + R key combination to launch the corporate Rewrite utility.

Second Case:

In second case once OS system isn’t operating then to recover information you would like pc skills and a few wisdom solutions will get you out of this drawback If windows isn’t loading then you’ll try and boot the system in DOS mode. Copy all tally folders and information folders into D drive. If DOS mode is additionally not operating then take away the HDD and connect it with alternative pc with os system and check out to open it. If the disk is ok and while not unhealthy sectors then you’d be ready to open the tally folder. If still it not operating then before info provides it a strive with some recovery code or raise your hardware knowledgeable to recover information folders from drive.

Third Case:

The third case happens once individuals are running such a lot of versions of tally and every one versions work on completely different directories. What is more they take backup by repeating folders of knowledge directory rather than taking backup from tally itself. Therein case you can also get confused that one is latest and that folder is required to be reconditioned. During this case simply bear in mind the No. of your company in tally. for instance if your company No. is 006 then attend search utility of windows and enter 006 in search box and start search. You’d see the list of folders. Currently in see the locations of every folder and see the date of last changed or accessed. Opt for the newest one and duplicate that folder in tally’s current information directory. You’d most likely realize the proper one. an additional technique may be that you simply seek for folder that has largest quantity of knowledge. Simply attend every folder right click on the name and choose properties. Here you’d realize the overall file size of that folder. The most important folder would be the present folder.

Fourth Case:

The fourth case happens you have got created so many firms and once you restore {the information the info the information} that current company isn’t in your older data. This may conjointly happen once information backup you have got taken is already corrupted. During this case there are no solutions except you discover another backup that you have got taken luckily and that is sweet similarly. to try and do some all over again you’ll use search utility and appearance out for files names as tbk500.001 or what you’ll do is simply kind tbk*.*. It might get you all the files on your pc.

Some healthy tips may also prevent the day:

  • Take backup on regular basis build it a habit to require backup whenever you have got done enough work. The frequency of backup forever depends on what quantity work you are doing one every day or what quantity work you’ll afford to try and do again!!
  • Take backup on the idea of name of days or name of month. If information is high then the backup destination may be like this d:tallybackupMonday or d:tallybackupTuesday then on. during this means you’d get seven backups and every one backups can’t be corrupted. If information volume is low then backup may be taken as d:tallybackupJune if you’ll afford to try and do one month’s task in an exceedingly single stretch.
  • Try to create minimum firms. It might prevent legion hassles.
  • There ought to be only 1 Tally version and one Tally folder. Too several versions and folders multiplies your work. If you’re 2 versions then try and total up add latest version as shortly as doable.
  • There should be correct power backup whereas performing on tally. In network surroundings may be a should on all nodes wherever tally is functioning.