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Respected Jobs With Low Salary, You Will Be Shocked

1. Head chef

Job description: this task actually covers a variety and a whole range of cooking, from celebrity chef-owners of restaurants to lead chefs at somebody else’s restaurant and the most senior chef at a chain restaurant. But despite the long hours, late nights, and lack of holidays off – and their glamorous portrayal in the media – it’s only the first group who make the big bucks. Average annual earnings: $38,297

Educational requirements: None required, though it’s increasingly common for chefs to attend culinary school.

2. Post-doctoral fellow

Job description: Works with scientists to conduct research in the area of their expertise in order to develop skills and publish before pursuing a job as a full researcher or professor. Average annual earnings: Varies by type and funder, but at entry, the NIH offers a $45,000 stipend.

Educational requirements: A Ph. D is required.

3. Graphic designer

Job description: It including mainly Designing and executing visual materials, whether is it by hand or using software, for logos, advertising material, and more. Average annual earnings: $48,345

Educational requirements: Usually a bachelor’s in graphic design is expected.

4. Zoologists and marine/wildlife biologists

Job description: These biologists are requires just to learn, know more and study the behavior and characteristics of wild animals. Average annual earnings: $52,186

Educational requirements: A bachelor’s degree but Academic and research jobs generally require a Ph.D.

5. Professor

Job description: normally salaries for those who are termed or called as professors in subjects like physics or economics earns highest, but not that much we believe. Professors teach students beyond the high-school level, in addition to conducting research and writing papers and sometimes books. Average annual earnings: $59,860 (area, ethnic, or cultural studies), $64,955 (mathematical science), $67,953 (English language and literature)

Educational requirements: Generally a Ph. D is required.

6. Accountants and auditors

Job description: Accountants are always mingled with serving a variety of functions and these can generally conclude calculating figures, reporting, checking financial information for individuals and companies. Auditors also are asked to perform systematic evaluations of data, records, statements, or performance for a legal or other purpose. Average annual earnings: $60,845

Educational requirements: A bachelor’s, and those with an accounting degree/ Some employers prefer a master’s or an MBA with a focus on accounting.

7. Psychologist

Job description: Psychologists are engaged with mainly activities like diagnosing and evaluating the mental and emotional disorders. Yes! And as well as they conducts research on the same. Average annual earnings: $62,731

Educational requirements: A Doctoral Degree

8. Architect

Job description: Architects are generally relates to work as planning and designing buildings and other types of structures, building or sort of same and the Average annual earnings for this post is: $64,481

Education: Completion of a professional bachelor’s or master’s degree in architecture and internship

9. Credit analysts

Job description: These analysts look at credit data and financial statements of people and corporations to find out and evaluate the risk of extending a loan or credit. Average annual earnings: $66,163

Education: Requires at least a bachelor’s degree.

10. Budget analysts

Job description: he/she mainly engaged in Helping sort of companies, different organizations, or even the government organize finances and set program budgets. Average annual earnings: $66,414

Educational requirements: Bachelor’s degree/ a master’s for more senior roles.